All orders on Bags and Purses are subject to a 1-9 Business Day Production Time. This means your orders for Bags and Purses will ship 1-9 Business Days after the order date. 

All orders are shipped as Expedited Parcels through Canada Post. Tracking numbers will be sent by email to the email address provided by customer at check out. Tracking numbers will be emailed when the order is to be sent out, you will not immediately receive a tracking number. They are sent the same day the order is expected to be sent in the mail. 

Correct Addresses are the responsibility of the customer, as Nishiin Designs does not retype or resubmit addresses, they are only entered by the customer and then printed as they have been typed. If you have typed the address wrong please email to make the correction. 

Lost or Stolen Parcels are not the responsibility of Nishiin Designs after they are in possession by Canada Post. Lost and Stolen Parcels should be reported to Canada Post if not received by the Delivery Date provided by Canada Post.