Welcome to Nishiin Designs Online Shop. Nishiin Designs is based out of Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, Canada. All of my items are handmad in Sagkeeng First Nation, MB. None of my items are drop shipped or made by a manufacturer. 

Nishiin Designs is my small business which I have created to make handmade bags appeal to those who appreciate the beauty and history of floral designs of the Anishinabe. These designs have a history of their own and have been used by the Woodland people including the Anishinabe and Cree people.

My love for the designs stemmed from my fascination with ancient bandolier and tobacco bags, which took much time and artistry to create. My bags to me, are a casual modern daily use version of the historical coveted bandolier. They carry medicine in a different way, by offering their wearer an outlet to display their pride in their heritage.

I put a lot of time into each piece, especially the digitizing of my designs. The designs I use are my own, and you will not find them anywhere else. Just like all artists, I have my own style. I have chosen embroidery as a means to replicate beadwork, to make it an accessible art for all price points.

I am a firm believer in Inspired Natives, not Native Inspired items. Please support our First Nations Aristans and Hand Crafters, we have much to share and the uniqueness of our wares.


Please note:  With the exception of the Limited Bag Collection, Production time is 1-9 Business Days. I always try and do my best to have items shipped as soon as I can. Your patience and understanding ensures that you will always receive a quality made item over a quickly made item. 

Meegwetch for your understanding!



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